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What about Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is now a reality for all sizes of businesses! Better technology, the Internet, lower bandwidth costs and companies who specialize in this field all make outsourcing a serious discussion topic inside every organization.

KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions offers IT Outsourcing that is affordable, and flexible enough to fit into any business environment. We service and cover all targeting small businesses by giving so-called all-you-can-eat tech support for a set monthly price. It can be a smart option for businesses that either can't afford the $60K to $75K a year it takes to keep a full-time computer expert on staff or who don't want to be left unprotected when their only one, expert gets sick, goes on vacation or quits.


When there's tech trouble at a big company, end users usually know who to call to try to get the problem fixed. But for small businesses, a technology setback can instantly turn blue. Since dealing with Internet connections, software upgrades, virus protection and e-mail was becoming a distraction, lots of companies that are now our clients made a wise decision to hire KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions to take care of all information technology for a small monthly fee compared to 50k t0 65k of individual salary. Outsourcing is the word.

Since flat-fee IT support companies are paid a consistent amount no matter how much help a client needs, they say it's in their own best financial interest to keep their clients' computer systems in good shape.



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