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While KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions is not a computer reseller, we always assist and help our customer when it comes to computer hardware and networking infrastructure to make the best choice on their IT investment by providing them with the best advice on computer products.

As product in this category, we mainly offer Maintenance & Support Services that reduce costs, minimize risk of downtime and gain the convenience of a single point of contact for support of your multi-vendor network with KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions flexible support plan options.

KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions’ Maintenance & Support Services include support plan options tied to SLA as well as individual plans for technical support, repair, spares management, and software release/updates subscription services. You get the support services and priority you need depending on criticality to your business. So reduce your capital and operating costs by complementing or supplementing your internal staff with KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions Maintenance & Support Services for service providers and enterprises.

Key Features:

  • Reduce costs while ensuring reliable support
  • Minimize risk and get a single point of contact
  • Simplify your support without losing flexibility
  • Reliable support tied to an SLA

At KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions, business is made quite simple when comes to Maintenance & Support Services. We are offering three basic programs to choose from:

1.      Time and Material – An hourly charge for specific services rendered. Don’t be surprised if it takes our technicians half the time to do the job twice as well. The hourly rate might vary depending on the client’s address within GTA. Please call our Tech support toll free number at  1 866 663 2398

2.      Support Plans – The majority of our clients request support on an “as needed” basis. A Support Plan is a discounted pre-purchased pack of credits. You are billed once for the Support Plan and all service related charges are billed against your account. Ask about our proactive maintenance schedules customized to your environment.

3.      LAN Administrator Outsourcing – Used in a situation where you want KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions to provide IT management services to your staff or one of KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions’ employees assigned to your organization.

Facts: So many businesses startup their IT infrastructure comes as an afterthought, resulting in high spending on fragmented computer hardware from different vendors that become difficult to manage and often not cost effective.

Confused about hardware purchase options? Unsure about what product will best meet your needs? Please don't waste your money.

 How may we specifically help you?

Let KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions Help to take care of your hardware and software procurement.

Our comprehensive services include computer security, software installation, computer networking and onsite and offsite computer support and other services:

  • Onsite Support - If your company doesn't have in-house IT services, KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions technicians will visit your company as needed to set up computers and computer networks, install new equipment, or trouble-shoot problems.
  • Software Installation - We install software and can also make recommendations on the software you need to keep your computers running securely and working efficiently.
  • Office Networking - Most mid-sized businesses and even businesses as small as 2 people have networked computers, whether through a file-sharing server or independently or just sharing printing, our network technicians will set up the system you need.
  • Computer Security - Out of date or insufficient computer security can cripple your business: computer security is an essential element of any computer set-up. KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions does the worrying for our clients and ensure that the computers we monitor are secure and the software is current.
  • Computing and Printing Supplies - We can also provide computing and printing supplies such as cables, toners, modems, etc. These may also be delivered or set on a schedule so that your company does not run out of important supplies.
  • Remote Backup - Security is not enough to protect you from a fire, theft, or sabotage. This is why many businesses today rely on remote back-up services to ensure their crucial company data is stored safely away from risk of fire, theft, or other major computer insult. We provide secure, automated off-site data storage.
  • Remote Support - While most of our work is "onsite", we can also log into your computers offsite in emergencies to provide lightning-fast service and support when you need it most.

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